Tuesday, November 29, 2011

First Post of 2011!

Thought I'd blow the cobwebs off this thing before 2011 is over.

Much is the same this year. I still think cops are mostly douchebags, collecting revenue from speedy but otherwise safe and law-abiding citizens that are in the public minority. Global Warming scientists continue to be exposed as a bunch of hacks with political agendas (reference recent Email Scandal Part 2).
(Respeck mah authoritah!)

Let's see, what else did I used to write about here...

Anthony has ceased pooping in the bathtub as he is 5 years old now.

We no longer live in the old house in Newton and do not know the whereabouts of the brown bat that used to nest in the front porch every year.

When it's got 4 wheels, RWD & AWD are still >> FWD, which still sucks the big one. Physics have not been altered since we last chatted on this.

Old BMW's are still fantastic machines. I miss mine. It was sold, basically for scrap, and funded a replacement radiator for the Subuaru WRX, which continues to eat about $400/month in parts.

Well that's about it.