Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Don't Be Angry With Me, Filthy Speeder

A friend and I were catching up earlier today and I briefly complained about the pack of sleepy commuters I encountered after work. I think this friend, let's call him 'Anonymous', initially thought my complaint was strictly about speed. I think this has been a misconception about the Filthy Speeder for some time and is worth dispelling.

I really have no problem with someone who doesn't like or want to speed. I would just hope that person would pay attention to where they are going and what they're doing. Maybe show some courtesy to their fellow man and move to the right when possible. That's really not much work is it? You wouldn't block someone from getting around you in a shopping aisle or in the hall at work, would you? Of course not. You're really nicer than that when you're paying attention. Same thing on the road; just a basic courtesy. You have my permission to block if and only if the would-be passer is riding your bumper, but only for a little while. Hang out in that position too long and you've earned that bumper riding. So what if this maniac wants to go faster than you? Let the loony pass and he'll be clear of you. Maybe the cops will catch him in the act and you can giggle "I told you so!" until passing out.

I also don't think it would be too much to ask for fellow drivers to pick a speed and maintain it. Again, this is basic situation awareness. Sometimes a change in speed may be necessary to get around other traffic or to change lanes (see above) or something like that but really you're just being an inconsiderate douchebag if your speed varies in proportion to your cell phone conversation. Your unpredictable actions cause a yo-yo effect of cars slowing down behind you, leading to frustration and congestion. Don't think it doesn't apply to city streets because it definitely does.

And lastly for tonight, merge like you might have some balls, even if you don't technically. It just isn't appropriate to merge into 70 mph traffic at 35 mph or worse, 0 mph. Especially when there's such things as 1/4-mile long 'entrance ramps', 'turn signals', and engines with more than 100 hp. There really is no excuse here. Be timid somewhere else where your actions don't endanger people. You're not going to hurt Peggy Sue or whatever the hell it is you call your 2004 Honda Accord SE by pushing down on the gas pedal. In most medium to large cities the other drivers will make space for you and *SHOCKER!* you may even discover that it's easier to find gaps in traffic to merge into if you are traveling and a speeder much closer to that of said traffic!

But enough ranting and railing tonight. Sometime soon I'll put together a post for the lay person explaining the reasons why I speed and how it should be done. Sort of a Tao of Speeding. And right after that I'll move on to other topics, I swear. Just gotta get some of this off my chest. Thanks for reading.


Kim from Kansas said...

Glad you're back! Beware of goats on the road down there!

Jason R said...

Yay! Kim's still here too. You referring to the right hand drive Subaru?

JBo said...

Hi. It's your neighbor. I AGREE with you wholeheartedly! IN FACT, I just a training course with my kids about this phenomenon entitled: How to enter a freeway and not be an idiot. :-)

Anonymous said...

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