Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Back from the Dead

"Live, damn you! Live!"

And so the Filthy Speeder blog was revived.

Been nearly a year since I posted. I'd kind of abandoned this thing in lieu of Facebook, which seemed to be the vehicle of choice for seeking validation from one's friends. That's still going (hi there, FB friends reading this) but it's occurred to me that ye olde webbe logge could still be a useful outlet for personal expression. Plus the anonymous comments intrigue me. So mysterious! Who could it be?

Various things and life have happened since my last post. Band of Skulls sorta kinda made it big. Okay, more like 'medium'. They were one of many opening acts for The Dead Weather's recent tour. They've also been featured in a recent Ford Mustang V6 commercial. So, see, I was right about them. They are decent. Sometimes. If you dislike anything but basic rhythms. You have to admit the vocals and guitar are pretty good though.


Melanie-Pearl said...

Dear Filthy Speeder:

I have floundered a bit in your abstentia. For awhile I cried and thought of you every time I saw this commercial. I am relieved to know you are back from serving time for all those speeding tickets and not just lost somewhere out there.

Your fan, Pearl

Jason R said...

Yeah, thanks Pearl. They couldn't build a jail big enough to keep me.