Sunday, July 26, 2009

CO Vacation Pics

This photo montage was supposed to be a view from one mountain to another and back again, but it didn't quite work out.

From the top of Castle Mountain you can see Trail Ridge Road zig zag up the mountain side. At the time I thought I could see the lodge at the very top. But on closer examination it was actually on the other side of the ridge.

Here's what the lodge at the top of Trail Ridge Road looks like from the short trail up the mountain side. I took the last pic in this series near where the arrow is in this pic. This shows how the lodge is tucked in next to a bowl area. This is just to the right of the high peak in the 1st photo. Unfortunately it's also behind that pointy peak.

View of Castle Mountain from the RMNP Lodge. Yeah, dang it, you can't quite see where we were, which was on the far side of the mountain about where the arrow is pointing.

Oh well; guess I gotta go back next year and get it right.

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