Monday, June 1, 2009

Thoughts on Tiller

I gotta say, I'm not all broken up about this. It's hard to feel sorry for a guy that's done so many nasty things. But I'm pretty sure the post-term abortion of the abortionist was not the answer though. I would much rather have seen him run out of clientele and go out of business. Late-term abortion is a grizzly horrible murder of an innocent fully-formed person but the women who requested it were just as bad as Tiller. If they wouldn't have asked for his services they wouldn't have been performed. Instead, since the demand is still there some other creep will just pop up to take Tiller's place, hardened in his/her crusade for womens'* rights.

If more people would come to the conclusion that a fetus or nearly-to-term baby is more than a clump of cells and should not be removed and discarded like a lanced mole, the world would be a better place. Is adoption so hard? Aren't we better and smarter and more merciful than a people who would do something as nasty as abortion?

(* Does not include the rights of aborted baby girls who would grow up to be women.)


Melanie-Pearl said...

I knew a really great person who was murdered right here in Wichita, who even cared about the people responsible for her murder.

Lots of Wichita and most Americans never knew to mourn the loss of her valuable, every day, "average" life. That doesn't make her murder any more or any less horrific than the next murder.


How big of Wichita that because someone grew famous and gave us something that few people would, we suddenly care about heinous murder and proudly want the world to know how "better than this" we are.

The selfish truth behind our joltingly-sudden care is embarassing. What disgusting sensationalism and outright abuse of a man's horrific, wrongful death.

Melanie-Pearl said...

ps) Did I fail to mention that murder is murder, and if you're going to care about it some of the time, you have to care about it all of the time?

Thank God it isn't up to us to decide when it is and isn't appropriate.

Murder sucks every time.