Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Rogers' New BMW

By 'new' I mean 'new to us' and actually 19 years old. This car is old enough to drive itself to college. But 'new BMW' sure makes for an exciting headline.

It's a 1990 325i 4-door with no engine or transmission. It will be receiving those bits and a few others from the old black 1987 325is 2-door. The 2-door has really been fun to own but unfortunately has some very significant structural rust.

I wasn't really looking for one of these right now but a friend had this 'roller' (car guy slang for a workable car w/o a drivetrain) for a good price and I couldn't pass it up. About the only thing that's going to happen anytime soon is a thorough cleaning. We have way more pressing matters to attend to like the Honda, which is supposed to be my primary commuter car, which needs some work and the front yard that needs sod now that it's nearly mid-March(!). But at some point I'm going to strip the black BMW of parts until it's down to a rusty steel shell which will then get sawed up and hauled to the recycler in the back of my pickup. That'll be a fun blog post.

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Caleb! said...

Haven't talked to you in a while, so I'm assuming you're going to race your beamer... My neighbor across the street race his, and has a hatch that he's working on in his garage. ALL of his friends drive BMW's!