Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Crystal Cathedral Has Cracks

It seems the Schullers, pictured, from the famous Hour of Power broadcast weekly from the Crystal Cathedral in Garden Grove, CA, have a split on their hands.,2933,444085,00.html

The old Schuller has fired the younger Schuller for having a different vision for the future of the ministry. People will have to make a choice. Some will be loyal to one Schuller, some to the other, and some will be torn between the two. Eventually the people in the latter group are going to have to take sides and that's a tough place to be.

One can only hope that the Schuller that initiated the split underwent some honest reflection and prayer before making the decision. I would hope the lines of communication were open. Maybe they were and we just haven't heard about it; I can only guess.

The Schullers pastored a very large congregation together. A split will likely result in two viable churches. Imagine if this sort of thing happened in a small church. It would probably be devastating.

PS: I've always thought the older Schuller looked like Skeletor from He-Man, especially when he wore a robe when preaching. Good thing it didn't have a hood.

NOTE: Edited for clarity and brevity on 10/29. For the record, I love and respect both of the analogous Schullers, not the actual Schullers.

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