Monday, September 1, 2008

I Can Explain Everything

Okay; when I went down the big slide holding a toddler while plowing into another toddler, it was a horrible accident. As I was situating Anthony and I on the mat at the top of the slide I wiggled just a bit too much and sent the two of us barreling down the slide, totally unprepared, towards little Ally (age 4 and approximately the size and weight of a cabbage patch doll). Luckily I was able to spread my feet apart so she didn't get a shoe to the face. She impacted my gut and went flying with us off the end of the slide and onto the landing pad. She was a little surprised but thankfully not injured or crying. I stayed off the slide after that.

The next incident was in the inflatable boxing ring. Cody and I decided to duke it out because the cartoonishly oversized gloves looked like too much fun to ignore. Plus I think Cody wanted to get back at me for putting my bare feet on his couch one time, which I agree was thoughtless and tacky. By the end of that fight I was gassed and not standing upright but Paul R. wanted to get in on the fun so I decided to go a round with him. Neither one of us held back and I think we were starting to draw a crowd of kids. At this point I'm almost stepping on them because Paul has shoved me into the corner (hey, it's a fight). The staff person hurriedly pulled them out and away. We regroup and I'm throwing haymakers to get over the top of his guard. In my exhausted state this leads to at least one thump to the back of Paul's head. I've seen enough professional fights to know that's illegal and a bit discourteous, but I didn't have complete control over my body at that moment. After the last smack to the back of Paul's head we both drop to the inflated ground, fully exhaust and perhaps mildly injured in Paul's case. I lay there for a good 5 minutes because I can't get enough oxygen to limp out of the ring. Paul seems to be just fine and I apologize for hitting him on the back of the head.

So to sum up, I'd like to apologize to Ally & her parents (A&S), Paul R, the staff at Pump It Up (west location), and Mel & Cody for embarrassing them and potentially exposing them to litigation. The Pump It Up staff didn't take my picture, but I'm pretty sure I'm on some kind of list now.

Happy Birthday, Mason.


Melanie-Pearl said...


You made it more fun---;)

Kim from Kansas said...

Oh man! I miss everything!