Monday, July 7, 2008

The Bat is Back

(Peeka-Boo! Our Brown Bat buddy in his window ledge perch.)

Five years and counting. That's how long we've lived in this house and that's the number of consecutive years this little brown bat has migrated back to his summer home on a ledge above our living room window. I posted about him last September (scroll down about 3/4 to Sept 14th)

I'm kinda worried if he's going to be a liability when we put this house on the market. Not everyone wants this kind of critter on the front porch. For now I'm content with being able to say I have a bat and the fact the he eats his body weight in mosquitoes every few days or something along those lines.


Kim from Kansas said...

Great picture! Thought this was going to be a movie review when I first read the title.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back to your summer home "bat".

That could be a selling point with the house. The new owners will not have to worry about bug bites or West Nile!!!


chill24 said...

I too thought this post was going to be about the new batman movie.
it's cool and scary that you have a bat.
they eat insects...right? you should name him - he apparently feels a part of your family. :)