Sunday, May 18, 2008

Where We've Been

Hello Wheatland Mission folks and other Wichita buddies we haven't seen in a while. We miss you but haven't been feeling all that well lately. Last weekend I was the problem child. More back issues. I collapsed in pain in the parking lot the Friday before. All my lower back muscles were spasming at the same time. It was pain level 10, worse than the kidney stone I had once.

Luckily my dad-in-law suggested I see an anesthesia specialist for an epidural steroid injection. I got one later that day (ouch) and things got much, much better a day or two later but I was in no shape to sit in a chair Saturday. Things have really improved tremendously since the injection a little over a week ago. I still have a pinched nerve but it's manageable for now and may go away once the disc shrinks in maybe a month or so. If it doesn't shrink I may have to have surgery.

Anthony is the party pooper this weekend. The Lil Guy has had a fever off and on, but not much else. He gets to go to the doctor tomorrow.


chill24 said...

we DO miss you all. sorry about your back. bummer.
hope everyone is feeling healthy now! wheatland isn't the same without you all there. :(

Anonymous said...

We've missed you guys... look forward to seeing you soon. BTW, heard FZ interviewed about his new book on globalization and I'm with you. It's good stuff.

Jason R said...

I just saw the FZ has a new talk show. Might be interesting.