Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Speed Racer Family

Here are some pics of Annie and I racing our station wagon last weekend. We were in KC at Arrowhead Stadium in one of the satellite lots (Lot L, for you sports fans).

I'm #27. The stickers in the window are from the event sponsors. I actually have a full set of sponsor magnets that we stick on the car but I had left them at home. It doesn't look NASCAR-ish when fully decked out but is funny nonetheless.

Believe it or not we were actually sliding around a lot more than I wanted. No, that's not a good thing. I don't have any photos, but on a grippy concrete surface we're probably lifting that inside rear wheel off the ground while cornering hard.

Here's super-speedy Ann Christine, #72, your 2008 Midwest Division Kansas City H-Stock Ladies Class Champion driver. So far she has not demanded that I address her by her full title. Note the 'L' made of masking tape. I didn't have time to make a magnetic 'L' to match the numbers and letters I already had.

Another pic of the 'The Champ'. She really improved this weekend and learned a few new techniques. I suggested a front shock damping adjustment between runs and she was readily able to feel the difference in how the car responded. For a little while we were like a successful driver/engineer pair, like the big leagues. Like Jeff Gordon and whoever his crew chief is. Yeah, like that.

How did I do? Well there were 4 other experienced drivers in my class and 3 of them had actual race tires and cars more suited to the class so they beat my times handily. There was one other car/driver combination I thought I could beat but I was consistently 2 seconds slower both days. Really what I've found is this car/tire combo is extremely lousy on smooth asphalt. It was much, much more competitive a few weeks ago at the last event on concrete. I was able to beat several Honda S2000's and Chevy Corvettes, believe it or not.


Annie said...

I hope you will continue to crew for me when I go pro. You truly are the best in the biz.

Kim from Kansas said...

Looks like fun!

BTW, that car is a station wagon? Boy, wish my station wagon that I had to drive in high school was that cool!