Friday, April 4, 2008

In Memory Of

I don't think this applies to anyone I know, so time to talk about it Seinfeld-style.

What is it with these "In Memory of..." stickers on peoples' cars? What exactly is in memory of the deceased person, thing, or pet? Is the sticker itself in memory of whatever? Is the 1986 Honda Accord? Is it the crappy purple window tinting? Oblivious/negligent driving? If you have multiple people, pets, or things (yeah, I know) die are you going to have multiple "In Memory of" stickers or will it become a list?

Normally at a fo-reals monument site it's pretty clear what the monument part is so all that's needed is the statement "In Memory of". But here I'm not getting it. I need more hints.


Arika said...

hmm good question well i guess technically it would usually say "in memory of.." on a tomb stone but I guess we are just too materialistc so now our hondas and myspace pages are in memory of so and so.
Great post though! it made me laugh.

nattyman said...

That is so funny, for months I have considered asking this exact same question on my blog, but I just haven't gotten around to it.

If I had to choose what is "in memory", I would have to go with their crappy driving ;-)

Melanie-Pearl said...


check this out---apparently a lot of us WMers think about these things.