Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Year of the Nyquil

Wow, what a year. I'm sick again (another cold virus - Now with new and improved feverishness!). I've almost spent more time sick in '08 than well. How is that possible? I was sick with a nagging cold most of January, the stomach flu hit in early February, and now I have this horrible feverish cold.

I'm finishing up my 3rd bottle of Nyquil. I'm surprised the stuff even works anymore. Surely I've built up a tolerance for it. We're lucky I don't drink alcohol (another post, another time - not a moral stand) or I'd have to drink buckets of the stuff to get to sleep.

The thing is, I was only sick once in the winter of '06/'07. Bella was in preschool then as now, so it's not the kids-in-school factor. I think I do know what it is though...

...Red Bull

Yes, that Red Bull. This is going to sound strange (maybe not to you regulars) but I used to drink 1-2 Red Bulls per day. In my defense, it was purely for the taste and to keep the caffeine headaches away. I actually like the stuff. At first sip it's like a sugary Strawberry soda but quickly changes into a bitter but pleasant taste. It's honestly a bit of an acquired taste. There's nothing else like it. None of the other energy drinks come close, even when they tempt me with 2-4 times the fluid quantity per can. A coworker friend of mine was into it the same time as me. We were like drug buddies. Either one of us could smell a freshly opened can all the way across the room. We used to buy pallets in bulk at Sam's Club to save 50 cents per can. It has that certain something.

I had to shake the Red Bull in late January when my back started getting really bad. I didn't need the calories (it's actually slightly less than regular cola per volume) and the caffeine Jonesing was another excuse for calories in general, so I quit cold turkey. It's not that hard when you're in the kind of pain I was. Also it was costing $2-$4 per day which ads up to $1100/year on average. Yikes.

Anyway, my original point: does a Red Bull a day keep the doctor away? It's not just caffeine. There are different herbal energy ingredients too. Maybe one of them is it. Maybe Taurine maintains your immune system. Maybe I should do a study and write a book.

Or maybe I should save my $3/day.


Kim from Kansas said...

Looks like you can speed this weekend!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on making it to speeding time!

Now you can do 20 over the limit on your way to indulge your NyQuil habit! Hooray!

Can you get a DUI for NyQuil?


Jason R said...

Yeah, I'm pretty sure I saw that on the Sarah Silverman Show one time.

Anonymous said...

I think that you could get a DUI if you were .08 or more over the limit. It is like 25% alchol, isn't it?

If its your first time DUI its only a misdemeanor. You get to pay a hefty fine, court costs, attorney's fees, etc.

If you get any more than that in a life time in Kansas, you are in TROUBLE!!! That would be a felony.

I wouldn't wanna try it either way. It is safer to take the NyQuil and go to sleep.

Be safe Speed Racer!!


Anonymous said...

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