Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Red Meat Comics

Am I the only one that thinks these cartoons are funny? It's not always hysterical but sometimes it hits me just right. The Marlboro man is probably my favorite recurring character.

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Melanie-Pearl said...


cody called me psycho yesterday because i asked him to smell my armpit and tell me what it reminded him of.

for China i bought a new kind of deoderant. anyhow, i threw it away over there before i came home b/c it was so nasty---cool breeze.

yesterday i ran out of my deoderant so i searched the sink cabinet. i found the extra stick of the extra stink i'd taken to China (those 2 for $6 mkting campaigns work on me some of the time.) and i put it on.

it was so strange. i swear that's the smell i'll always associate with China.

[ps)my Toyota no longer smells like new car. it smells like stinky neighbor kids.]