Monday, March 31, 2008


To quote a famous Missourian, rumors of our demise have been greatly exaggerated. Annie and I both spotted this at the same time. While simultaneously predicting our economic demise, the same paper has a front-page contest/advertisement for a goods from a successful American company. The story is linked here. Either they don't believe their own reporter or they're full of crap or both. Could it be that your average European is delighted that the world's most successful economy is having a downturn? Laugh it up, jerks.

You know it may just be that Apple is trying to sabotage the EU. Maybe I should send them my video iPod in some sort of contest. Then they can deal with the iTunes PC issues and the various lock-ups that require resetting. That's if they can get over the sub-par audio quality. In the meantime I'll find a better solution from another domestic company. And I'll somehow be able to do this while buying cans of generic lima beans for dinner. Times are tough.

I'm full of sarcasm today.


Kim from Kansas said...

Sarcasm is good; so is crumbly (not really, just wanted to make a bad joke).

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