Thursday, March 6, 2008

Don't Funk with the Colonel!

It's Friday (almost). Time for some another edition of Neg's Urban Sports. A reminder: No one curses like the English.

There are several more new posts in my head this week. Just haven't had time to post them lately. Stay tuned.


Melanie-Pearl said...

love this one too. i think i'll start using the term "muppet". :)

Kim from Kansas said...

Was wondering if you were wanting to tune in to "Smash Lab", that new Discovery Channel show. Sounds like a father/son type bonding show if you ask me.

Jason R said...

Just don't try rushing to the front of the line at McDonalds/Burger King and ordering lots of hamburgers and some 'dinky f**kin donuts'.

Anonymous said...

Dinky f**kin' donuts... reminds me of "winkey dinkey dog" from Hollywood Shuffle about 20 years ago. Anyone else watch that movie?

Not only do the English swear like no one else, but to hear it in SLOW MOTION, that's f**kin' cool!