Monday, March 17, 2008

AC and Me

Man, is it neat to have a common hobby with your spouse. This is a picture of Annie and I freezing our rears off last Sunday at an autocross race with our Mazda stationwagon. The site is Strother Field in Winfield for you aviation buffs (which is probably no one). Annie's gracious parents agreed to take the kids for the day and even volunteered to keep the overnight to save us time in the morning. That was probably worth 30-60 minutes of extra sleep. Thanks T&L!

Annie improved a lot over the course of our heat, dropping 6 seconds off her first time and getting smoother and better almost every run. She already reads the courses better than most; this is a really important component to autocrossing, BTW. An autocross (aka 'solo') is like a miniature road race. It's mostly turns with short straightaways and you have to 'read the cones' to know where to go AND figure out the best way to get through it. Some people just don't have the visual and motor skills to get the first part correct. Annie has picked that up really quickly and will eventually be a very quick driver if she wants to.

Even though this hobby is about like a college major in terms of interest for me and a community college night course for Annie, we have a lot of fun together and I hope it's something we can continue to do.


Nenos said...
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Jason R said...

Durn spammers.

Melanie-Pearl said...

i love it! i'm so proud to see ac is finally driving fast!

(i remember she used to drive 55mph on i135. maybe it wasn't that bad but....) ;) love you ac!

Todd said...

how did you all get involved?
did you have to enhance you car in any way?
are VW beetles welcome?
advice on how I can convice my wife we should do this?
this is so rad!

Jason R said...

Todd & anyone else:

Our racing is all local and we're just running against the clock; it's not wheel-to-wheel at a race track or anything that would void your insurance or cause you to accidentally wad your car (and self) up in the wall.

Of course VW Beetles (new and old) are welcome. No car enhancements are required but may be desired eventually.

Jason R said...

Also, if anyone would like to meet us at the next event on 4/6, just shoot me an email.

jmr302 at gmail dot com

Sorry for the cryptic description. I'm trying to keep the spammers off my back.