Sunday, February 17, 2008

Intestinal Flu Haiku - Part Two


Flushed our pipes all out
Lactose intolerant now
Don't block the bathroom


Who else blogs about poo and barf (see also "Party Pooper!" - June 2007)? Well, I promise it won't come up too much more. We were all awakened last night at 1:00 to hear Bella filling her bedding with recycled sour milk / PBJ / yogurt. She had had a milk with her dinner. Little A had similar problems earlier in the week and Annie had taken him off all dairy. I've had other difficulties. Maybe this is T.M.I. (too much info), in fact I'm pretty sure it is.

On a positive note, soy milk is actually some pretty good stuff. Except for ice cream and cheese I don't think I'd miss moo-cow milk if I had to.

Why do I post this stuff...

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Kim from Kansas said...

Oh man, I was just trying to get this catchy tune out of my head from Frenchgirl's blog, but now am reminded of it.

Guess I did the party pooper thing to my oldest brother's bath once...oops.