Sunday, February 17, 2008

Curvy Roads

I came across these pics in an email fwd recently.

I could drive roads like this all day.

Looks like a life-size slotcar track, doesn't it?

Here's my favorite. I have no idea where this is. If it's in the US, I'd guess California or the Pacific NW, but that's just a S.W.A.G. I can't make out any of the road signs so who knows.

Here's the same road at night during a long photo exposure:

To really cap off this driving experience I'll need the car to sound like this.

I've talked to Annie about dropping the kids of with Gramma and heading for Arkansas just to find roads like this. One of these days it's going to happen.

Now on to politics or something...


Melanie-Pearl said...

if Mason happens to be in the back of your car when you do this, you will want to bring a double bagged Dillon's sack.

better wait till you know your stomachs are settled.

Kim from Kansas said...

Saw this link on the amazon blog and thought of you.

teason said...

man, is that first one for real? i just can't understand why the loop would be necessary, which makes me wonder if it really exists. then again, it might be a government works project.

Anonymous said...

Looks like something from Northern Cali or maybe Europe...IDK.

The cliffs remind me of some of the roads that I was on in Switzerland/Italy (EEEEEK!!!)

God bless the US Department of Transportation!!!

Hope you guys are feeling better.