Sunday, February 3, 2008

The Cars of the Future

Saw this on another blog and couldn't help but repost it for your amusement. It's funny how some of these technologies actually made it but most didn't.


teason said...

my favorite was the "sun-powered electro-suspension" car. obviously the people responsible for this film were too blinded by progress to see the pages of a physics textbook. but it was fun wasn't it? i also think the parking lot that takes you to and from your parking space would work flawlessly at arrowhead after a chiefs game. "computer...please instruct the parking lot to bring me my car. oh, the other 40,000 cars trying to leave? screw them." oh yeah, and the bit about dad being able to take care of business (via television) in the car on the way to work. i guess it would leave time for reading blogs or searching ebay while actually at work.

Jason R said...

Yes, apparently the future contains infinite amounts of energy. Maybe we could actually pull off a lot of that stuff if we built it on the piles of nuclear waste it would create.

I also posted this out of my love for 60's style narrative voice.

teason said...

i think it's the same guy who narrated the sex-ed video we had to watch in jr. high.

Jason R said...

I love how the language used to be annunciated completely differently from the way it is now.

Speaking of which, I heard dat der was an episode of dah Orange County Choppers filming in dah downtown area-er earlier tah-day.

teason said...

picture a denim vest with the sleeves ripped out--backdrop is a motorcycle on a mechanics stand, just completed

"well, you know, when i first read your comment i was surprised. but then, as i kept reading, i didn't think i would be able to get to the end of it before the deadline. i wanted to rip pauly's head off. but, you know, things have a way of working out. and that's why i love reading your blog."