Friday, January 4, 2008

The Ruse

Look at me. I'm a prolific blogger. A fiend.

Saw this clip hyperlinked in another blog. Couldn't help but embed it here for your amusement. I love this scene. Highbrow movie viewers will instantly recognize the movie. Sorry for the low quality.


Kim from Kansas said...

Finally figured out the movie--thought the voice might be Sean Penn at first, but didn't remember him in "Fast Times" (think the quotation marks are appropriate here since it's a movie title).

Will have to rent it. We were newlyweds when it came out, so that's my excuse for never seeing it...maybe too busy adjusting to married life or something else or practicing or whatever. (I would've put a quotation mark around -practicing-, but due to your new blog roll/role entry and our recent conversation which you may or may not recall, I shall leave that to be figured out.

Melanie-Pearl said...

i remember defining the word "day-new-mois" (i seriously don't remember how to spell it and i even tried to google it and figure it out) for cody and joey when the black screen flashed the word near the end of the story.

anyhow, it's the part of the story when everything comes together, ends and the observer walks away enlightened. clerks definitely enlightened us, didn't it?