Thursday, January 10, 2008

Maniacal Manifestos

Man, I gotta be more careful blogging just before bed. It's produced some long-winded manifesto posts. You readers will have to taken into account the time of day each post was made.

I'm not sure my humor worked on that last post either. I should have kept the faux letter from Sebilius short and sweet and left out the long list of poor driver errors.


Kim from Kansas said...

Oh, p-shaw! Keep being yourself, even when it's late. Like that spammer said, "Your blog is 'likeable'!"

p.s. The quotation marks on this comment are specifically used for grammatical purposes and not in any way related to the blog of useless quotation marks. This comment may cause oily discharge, sleeplessness, need to overthink when quotation marks should be properly used, etc.

Melanie-Pearl said...

maniacal and surly.

teason said...

nonsense poopypants! your last post had great insight with brilliant sarcasm and a rapist wit. do not apologize for a biting commentary that delivers the truth. thomas paine look out.

Anonymous said...

Gotta tell ya, about 2pm every afternoon, I check to see what you may be ranting about next. It gets me through the last of my absolutely wonderful, purposeful, and joyful days at work.

Keep up the great work!


Jason R said...

You all are too kind.

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