Friday, January 4, 2008

I Love Fedor

It's a man-crush. But in a sports fan sorta way, not ...well ... you know.

Here's why: - Watch more free videos

Have I ever mentioned I'm a big MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) fan? Well, I am. I follow the UFC (Ultimate Fighter Championship), Pride (recently gobbled up by UFC), and IFL (International Fight League). That soft looking Russian is quickly becoming known as the best fighter in the world regardless of weight class. He finds a way to beat everyone... calmly. The fight above is the most animated I've ever seen him and I've seen at least 5 or 6 of his fights. He's incredible to watch. For reference, Fedor is roughly 220 lbs. The Korean guy he's fighting in this clip is 370 lbs and the top rope is about at waist height. He has overwhelmed a lot of skilled fighters with sheer bulk and power.


Kim from Kansas said...

We were exposed to Ninja Warrior on G4 on Christmas Day when we were over at the brother's-in-law house. It was actually pretty entertaining. Have you seen it?

Jason R said...

Yeah, love the Ninja Warrior. It's more of a strength and agility contest but it's fun to watch.