Sunday, December 9, 2007

Will it Blend?

Okay, enough Beyonce-hating. Now we'll move on to iPhone hating. I don't really hate iPhone's. Their usefulness is readily apparent. I do know a person or two that has had software issues with their iPhone though. I also don't like that you can only use them on AT&T's low-quality network. I'm glad other people are paying the big bucks to own these things though. A few years from now the product should be pretty well refined and much cheaper at which point I'll swoop down and grab one. Remember when Motorola Razr's were $250? I do. Now they're drink coasters. Same thing should happen in maybe 3-4 years with the iPhone.

Anyway, I thought this series of videos was interesting. It's basically an ad for some high-end blenders. Very entertaining though.

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Annie said...

What about Samsung flip phones?