Wednesday, December 19, 2007

A Modest Proposal (Warning: Crudeness Ahead)

I think we're quickly reaching the point where I cease to be surprised by what odd ideas people come up with in the name of saving da Earf. I'm talking about the boat that's powered by your ass.

Check out this article from the Daily Mail, the gift that keeps on giving.

Some New Zealanders have decided to navigate the globe in a boat powered by biodiesel, some of which was made from human fat harvested from liposuction surgeries. I've got no beef with biodiesel (ha!) but the source of the biodiesel just sounds odd to me. There are easier places to get better sources of bio-sourced oil. Why did they bother doing this? I think it reveals something about how Earf-first people think.

In their minds mankind has sinned by raping and pillaging the Earf and therefore mankind must be punished.

What better metaphor for that than devising an eco-friendly machine that actually runs on human flesh? I honestly think that may have been a sub-conscious motivation because seriously, there can't be that much human fat available worldwide to actually make this a useful experiment. But there are simple, low cost ways to get more human fat if we act as one world society... as a planet UNITED for a just cause. If the women like the one in the last Daily Mail article were to have late term abortions repeatedly throughout their reproductive lives--what, it's not a baby, you conservative simpleton! It's just a clump of cells that the woman has a RIGHT to choose to keep or discard before 9 months' time! Anyway, if those cells were harvested a week or two before birth there would be plenty of fat available from both the would-be mom and the b- er... ah... 'choice'. If every eco-conscious woman of birthing age did the right thing and sacrificed for the global community we could cease importing oil from the middle east in 12 years. Just think of it! We could immediately end this unjust war in Iraq!

Does anyone else remember 'A Modest Proposal' by Jonathan Swift?


Kim from Kansas said...

Well I'll have to admit you did surprise me...because I thought with the "adults only" theme this would be in regards to the phallic-like shape of the boat with the wing thingies on the side. Think the "adults only" immediately made my mind go in the gutter.

Annie said...

It's easy to think that our world isn't that bad and that people aren't that evil. But, the truth is it is and they are.

Jason R said...

I decided to re-word my warning to make more sense.

teason said...

Does anyone else find it odd that traditional, pumped from the ground oil is not considered "bio-fuel"? What do people think oil is? I also don't see how using lots of energy to get the bio-material into oil form is more eco-friendly than pumping up the stuff that has been "naturally" and "organically" converted to oil over time.

teason said...

Kim, I don't know what R looks like down there, but I'm not seeing the visual relationship.

Melanie-Pearl said...

I do think that some of us haven't taken as good of care of our earth, animals and each other as we should have...but that ball has been rolling since Adam and Even exited the garden.

It wasn't supposed to be this bizarre. We could have lived in a perfect ecosystem. Original sin happened and over the years that sin has involved the exploitation/abuse of resources for gain. Consider Jacob who was willing to betray his own brother for their dad's resources.

On the flipside, remember that Joseph was one of the first men to communally store grain and plan for drought? Here is a picture of a highly responsible man who accordingly so was called to do great things on a very large scale.

I'm not saying every person in natural resources is driven by selfish motivation, but I'm sure some are. By the same token, I think there are people out there who give their whole lives for save the earth causes, but their motives are questionable, too.

In a fallen world, I think we are called as individuals to do our best with what God has given us. As is the case with anything else, I feel that we can not judge others for what they do---regardless of whether their motives are pure or polluted.

I know and usually appreciate your demented sense of humor...(please tone down the Beyonce overexposure hatred) just thought I'd weigh in from the middle on this one. Please don't be surly to me.

Jason R said...

I thought sooner or later these posts would get misconstrued a little bit. I am not for trashing da Earf. I've just noticed that some have come to worship the Earf and have bought into something I think is clearly false, like man-made global warming for instance. Look for another post on this soon.

It doesn't pay to be judgemental with your friends and family but it's natural and necessary to judge ideas, which is really what I have done here. Otherwise one becomes a middle-of-the-road 'universalist' who can't think for themselves and has little in the way of discernment.

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