Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Just Because

You can't say I never put family pics on this blog. Nice shutter action by Annie.

Saturday, November 24, 2007


I found this news article on the Drudge Report today. It's from the Daily Mail, an online newspaper in the UK.

It's an interview of a woman who had herself sterilized because she thought having a child would be too harmful to the environment. I've been waiting for more of these stories to show up. I think this is a logical conclusion to reach when the Earth is your god.

At the risk of sounding cold, this person is really doing the rest of us a favor by removing her stupidity from the gene pool. Collectively, our offspring have just gotten a tick smarter statistically. She almost goofed this up a few years ago but 'terminated the pregnancy'. Golly, it's a good thing she terminated a 'pregnancy' and not a fully formed and growing baby. That would have been nasty and distasteful.

The next conclusion a person like this could reach is that people themselves are inevitable pollution generators. The fewer, the better! And since they should affect change globally by acting locally they will off themselves. Why not consider making this a large-scale event at a coordinated time and location? It will make the clean-up more eco-friendly, not to mention convenient, for the rest of us. Maybe your remains could be dumped in the ocean to feed all manner of sea life. On second thought, that may generate methane gases, a dangerous greenhouse gas, besides disturbing the environmental circle-of-life that Man has no business interfering with. A better option may be to burn the remains in a carefully controlled process to minimize emissions while harnessing the heat energy to generate electricity to charge electric cars for the remaining eco-friendly persons. I think you'll agree that this is the best option.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Another Citation for Bravery

Yeah, I really did get 2 tickets in 2 weeks, this time in Newton, in an area I almost never speed in because the limit is unusually low and there's generally a lot of traffic.

On this particular occasion traffic was very sparse because it was a weekday evening. I sped up to get around a pickup truck in front of me that was completing the left turn out of Wal-Mart at 5 mph. I get a block down the road and see flashing lights a quarter mile back. Hoping there's an actual crime going on somewhere I slow below the speed limit and hug the right side of the right lane. Unfortunately the police officer pulls up behind me so I signal that I'm going to turn into a residential side street and pull in a few car lengths to give him some room. Yeah, I know, what a nice guy.

I'm informed I was going 50 in a 35 and take my ticket. Officer Friendly hops back in his car and goes WOT (Wide Open Throttle, for you non-gearheads) down the street to catch another Evildoer who had just driven past us and whose traffic crime I didn't see. I'd say the officer was going at least 50 by the time he got to the end of the block. This was right past several driveways and maybe a dozen houses. My vehicular crime occurred next to an open Dillons parking lot so, yeah, I should have made a citizens arrest but decided to call it a night.

A coworker and friend asked if I was angry and cursed or punched the steering wheel. That's a fair question considering that same coworker once saw me nearly decide to break my telephone in half (that's a different story). I'm sure a few of you have seen worse out of me. The simple answer is I knew I was speeding and I can't expect our City's Finest not to issue a citation when they catch me doing it. They're just doing their job and I've never thought it was personal in any way. I was more worried about having to break the news to Annie.

So, now I have to dial it back a notch. I don't think my insurance will be affected much. After all, I'm old (>30), a homeowner, and married AND I drive cheap small cars. Progressive almost pays me. But I've already donated half a set of race tires to the gubbermint and I'd prefer not to make it a full set. Also, once a citizen of this state collects 3 tickets in 12 months they receive a letter informing them that their license will be suspended if a 4th is earned. I believe my count is still at 2 (there was a ticket that I think was struck down 10 months ago--an even longer story) and I'd like to preserve whatever buffer I have left.

But I'm gonna own those entrance and exit ramps in the mean time. And also familiar divided highways.

Paul H: I wanted to respond to your comment on Saturday with "Yeah, but it's even more expensive in Harvey County..." or something along those lines but I hadn't gotten around to telling Annie about ticket #2 just yet. I had to build up courage for a few days.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Notice to Appear Funky

Well, it looks like my annual invoice for membership in the Speeding Club has come due. I haven't paid in much the past 4 years so I guess it was time. My insurance company is convinced I'm an old man that lives in rural Harvey county and drives a fleet older non-performance vehicles. They practically pay me to insure my fleet so I doubt there will be a rate increase. If there is I can handle the extra $5/month, which would be 10% (take that you <30 kids!).

I could go into how ludicrous a fine in this particular zone is; 2-lanes each way, one commercial side road (the one I had just left), no residential or other buildings on either side of the road, line of sight for about 2 miles. Why does that add up to 45 mph? The lowest denominator car on the road driven by the least qualified driver would be safe to at least 55 or 60 there. Then I could argue how unsafe the cop was by pulling a u-turn in the middle of the this road with 2 cars in front of him and 2 behind. Don't tell me how this guy has special training (B.S.!). I'm willing to bet I've had more and was in a better vehicle. But I guess I won't go into either or those arguments. I'll just make my donation to Sedgwick County and be quiet about it. Maybe, just maybe Valentine (a company who makes nice radar detectors) will get my club dues for next year.