Monday, October 22, 2007

Ken Doll the Overseer

Ken Doll sees all. Ken Doll cannot be fooled and sees through all lies with his Laser Truth Vision.

Do not anger the Ken with your misdeeds or you shall be stuck about the stomach, cheek, or buttocks area with a Flying Tiger Claw Strike...

...or the Spinning Back Kick of Justice.

No quarter will be given to evil doers. Ken Doll will bring the pain in his homemade clothes. Mock the Ken Doll and prepare yourself for the consequences.

1 comment:

Melanie-Pearl said...

did i ever tell you about my friend with the parents who sold Amway? Aside from storing boxes and boxes of quilt-quality maxi pads, Amway made these funky giant Barbie-like dolls that had real joints.

We used to throw them way up in the air, and then with anticipating, evil, uncontrollable laughter, watch them land.

nice dentures, Ken.