Monday, October 8, 2007

Another Thing I Should Explain

I'm always wearing band-aids on my fingers because my skin was thoroughly dried out by some alcohol-based solvent that I use while working on cars. The dry skin cracked which healed, which became callous, which cracked, which healed, which became more callous, and so on. It's been months and I've almost healed several times only to crack again. I'm going to see a Dermatologist next week to see if they have any ideas. I'm really hoping I'm not going to pay this person a few hundred dollars for them to say, "well don't use your hands", as that's not any kind of option right now. Yes, I do wear gloves; latex for chemicals, leather for turning wrenches. It helps but the damage is done.

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Melanie-Pearl said...

i think it's funny you are explaining this, too. someone at church did ask me what was wrong with your hands awhile back.

dermatologists, eh? they're sorta like mechanics.... :)