Wednesday, June 27, 2007

You Could Be Driving a Honda

So I traded my Miata for a Honda the other day. Technical stuff aside (for once), man is owning a modified Honda a pain. Miata owners have to endure 'Girl Car' comments, but that joke fizzles out quickly. Some people even appreciate them for being the perfect traditional British sports car but with Japanese quality and an on-purpose design. Honda owners carry a different baggage, one of constant interest from backwards-hatting 4XL pants-wearing 24" wheel-buying 18" subwoofer in a cardboard box owning 'urban' idiot types. The first thing I do before/after I buy a car is find a good, active internet forum with good technical information exchanges. I've never had much difficulty until now. Just try to find a Honda forum with in-depth technical discussions. Most of them look like this:

sup yall i am rollin in my H-rod an my girl was all like wazzat rattle-rattle bang sound an i was all like wha? and thin their wuz like no go from da engine should i buy a teg ls B18 motor widda B16A1 head wid OBD-O an install it in da parking lot of my works at da taco bell

There are thousands and thousands of these morons and I get grouped in with all them just by rollin in a H-bomb. Aw snap.


Annie said...

Babe, You crack me up. Maybe it's your calling in life to once again make the Honda a respectable car to drive.

Maribeth said...

People should read this.