Sunday, April 6, 2014

This is a test. I'd like to remake this thing into a boring family photo blog instead of a platform for various philosophical rants, like it used to be. But I'd like to see if this posts automatically to Facebook, like it did at one time.

Here goes.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

First Post of 2011!

Thought I'd blow the cobwebs off this thing before 2011 is over.

Much is the same this year. I still think cops are mostly douchebags, collecting revenue from speedy but otherwise safe and law-abiding citizens that are in the public minority. Global Warming scientists continue to be exposed as a bunch of hacks with political agendas (reference recent Email Scandal Part 2).
(Respeck mah authoritah!)

Let's see, what else did I used to write about here...

Anthony has ceased pooping in the bathtub as he is 5 years old now.

We no longer live in the old house in Newton and do not know the whereabouts of the brown bat that used to nest in the front porch every year.

When it's got 4 wheels, RWD & AWD are still >> FWD, which still sucks the big one. Physics have not been altered since we last chatted on this.

Old BMW's are still fantastic machines. I miss mine. It was sold, basically for scrap, and funded a replacement radiator for the Subuaru WRX, which continues to eat about $400/month in parts.

Well that's about it.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Don't Be Angry With Me, Filthy Speeder

A friend and I were catching up earlier today and I briefly complained about the pack of sleepy commuters I encountered after work. I think this friend, let's call him 'Anonymous', initially thought my complaint was strictly about speed. I think this has been a misconception about the Filthy Speeder for some time and is worth dispelling.

I really have no problem with someone who doesn't like or want to speed. I would just hope that person would pay attention to where they are going and what they're doing. Maybe show some courtesy to their fellow man and move to the right when possible. That's really not much work is it? You wouldn't block someone from getting around you in a shopping aisle or in the hall at work, would you? Of course not. You're really nicer than that when you're paying attention. Same thing on the road; just a basic courtesy. You have my permission to block if and only if the would-be passer is riding your bumper, but only for a little while. Hang out in that position too long and you've earned that bumper riding. So what if this maniac wants to go faster than you? Let the loony pass and he'll be clear of you. Maybe the cops will catch him in the act and you can giggle "I told you so!" until passing out.

I also don't think it would be too much to ask for fellow drivers to pick a speed and maintain it. Again, this is basic situation awareness. Sometimes a change in speed may be necessary to get around other traffic or to change lanes (see above) or something like that but really you're just being an inconsiderate douchebag if your speed varies in proportion to your cell phone conversation. Your unpredictable actions cause a yo-yo effect of cars slowing down behind you, leading to frustration and congestion. Don't think it doesn't apply to city streets because it definitely does.

And lastly for tonight, merge like you might have some balls, even if you don't technically. It just isn't appropriate to merge into 70 mph traffic at 35 mph or worse, 0 mph. Especially when there's such things as 1/4-mile long 'entrance ramps', 'turn signals', and engines with more than 100 hp. There really is no excuse here. Be timid somewhere else where your actions don't endanger people. You're not going to hurt Peggy Sue or whatever the hell it is you call your 2004 Honda Accord SE by pushing down on the gas pedal. In most medium to large cities the other drivers will make space for you and *SHOCKER!* you may even discover that it's easier to find gaps in traffic to merge into if you are traveling and a speeder much closer to that of said traffic!

But enough ranting and railing tonight. Sometime soon I'll put together a post for the lay person explaining the reasons why I speed and how it should be done. Sort of a Tao of Speeding. And right after that I'll move on to other topics, I swear. Just gotta get some of this off my chest. Thanks for reading.

Back from the Dead

"Live, damn you! Live!"

And so the Filthy Speeder blog was revived.

Been nearly a year since I posted. I'd kind of abandoned this thing in lieu of Facebook, which seemed to be the vehicle of choice for seeking validation from one's friends. That's still going (hi there, FB friends reading this) but it's occurred to me that ye olde webbe logge could still be a useful outlet for personal expression. Plus the anonymous comments intrigue me. So mysterious! Who could it be?

Various things and life have happened since my last post. Band of Skulls sorta kinda made it big. Okay, more like 'medium'. They were one of many opening acts for The Dead Weather's recent tour. They've also been featured in a recent Ford Mustang V6 commercial. So, see, I was right about them. They are decent. Sometimes. If you dislike anything but basic rhythms. You have to admit the vocals and guitar are pretty good though.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Jason's Band of the Week

Band of Skulls. They're from the UK and do NOT have a fascination with the macabre. They're apparently really good live. This live cut sounds as good as the CD.

Give this next song about 30 seconds before you judge. It's not quite what it seems. The harmonies with the gigantic female bassist are neat.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

New Blog to Follow

I could practically have started this blog: It's a blog of stupid crap that shows up in classified ads and on Craigslist for REALLY over-priced stuff or stuff that should just be hauled off to the dump. It's a pet peeve of mine. I'd go into it more but am out of time.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Pikes Peak

It's been a little while since the last racing-related movie post. You'll enjoy this one. It's from the recent Pikes Peak hillclimb, which is a time trial race (racing against the clock--not wheel-to-wheel) up the asphalt & gravel road the runs to the top of Pikes Peak.

He gets above the tree line at about 6:00 minutes. It gets nerve racking from there. The car is a highly modified Hyundai Genesis Coupe, which is RWD. The whistling noise is the turbocharger.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

CO Vacation Pics

This photo montage was supposed to be a view from one mountain to another and back again, but it didn't quite work out.

From the top of Castle Mountain you can see Trail Ridge Road zig zag up the mountain side. At the time I thought I could see the lodge at the very top. But on closer examination it was actually on the other side of the ridge.

Here's what the lodge at the top of Trail Ridge Road looks like from the short trail up the mountain side. I took the last pic in this series near where the arrow is in this pic. This shows how the lodge is tucked in next to a bowl area. This is just to the right of the high peak in the 1st photo. Unfortunately it's also behind that pointy peak.

View of Castle Mountain from the RMNP Lodge. Yeah, dang it, you can't quite see where we were, which was on the far side of the mountain about where the arrow is pointing.

Oh well; guess I gotta go back next year and get it right.

Tundra Flower Pics

I was feeling like Kim P while on vacation a couple of weeks ago and snapped these pics in Rocky Mountain National Park while hiking the short trail through the tundra, way up there above the tree line. Reading the info on the signs, there's so little water, sunlight, and air up there that it can take these plants 20 years to grow flowers. Despite this there will still dumb sons a @#$%!'s walking off the trail and on plants/rocks/whatever they felt like. I hope their stupidity catches up with them someday. But aren't these some pretty looking flowers and such... in a manly sort of way?

Extreme Rice

This video kills me. No idea who made it or why.